I need advice?

Hi! Sorry to clog up your feed, but I wasn't really sure where else to ask, so here goes. I need advice on betas/how to find a beta because I have been outlining/brainstorming ideas for a story I might like to write in the future, but I feel like it would help immensely to talk to someone about it because I'm a bit stuck.

I'm new to the whole writing business (barring a couple of short stories I've written) and the novel-length fic I'm wanting to write is a bit of a terrifying prospect as you can imagine. It's a Harry Potter/Tom Riddle AU actually, and unfortunately any HP/TR community I've looked at on LJ seems to be pretty much inactive. So if you or maybe someone you know would be willing to help me out, or even just point be in the right direction of an appropriate place to look, I would be very grateful :) Thanks!

2018 LiveJournal Book Bingo Masterpost

I will leave this post unlocked, but will probably make reviews viewable to Friends only.

I should probably say I found this through schweet_heart. :)

Bingo Card

Fantasy/Sci-fi/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Supernatural:
Published the year you were born:
One word title: Transformation (Rai-Kirah, #1) by Carol Berg
Children's or YA book: Be Mine by Sabrina James

Fanfic of at least 100k words: To Be A King by clotpolesonly
Comic or graphic novel:
A Favorite Re-read:
Diverse Reads:
Recommended by a friend or family member or colleague:

Published this year:
Free Space:
A Romance:
At or near the bottom of your TBR pile:

Number or color in the title:
Animal on the cover:
Script or Screenplay:
TV tie-in/Turned into a TV show:
Biography or Autobiography:

Poetry or Play:
A Classic:
Never judge a book by its movie:
Out of your comfort zone: